Marketing Analytics

This blog shares my thoughts on how to be successful at marketing analytics, specifically measuring the success of advertising campaigns.

I have a huge passion for discovering which aisle sells more stuff, what message motivates people in Birmingham vs. those in Atlanta, and a deep desire to know whether the big red button gets clicked more often than a small bit of blue text.

Who’s with me? I know I am not alone!

I want to know how to discover if the print ad in the paper worked better, worse or added motivating factors to those deciding to purchase an event ticket in Detroit.

After exhaustively searching for quality websites and blogs that deal with marketing analytics, which are in very short supply, I decided to throw my hat into the ring in hopes that I can help educate and more importantly learn from others.

I do not have all the answers, formulas, or spreadsheets, but I know you do.

So lets build this blog into a tool that raises the level of understanding within our marketing communities, helps establish some strategies for successful campaigns that can help each one of us show more accountability to our board of directors and CEO’s. And more accountability will translate into more money for marketing. I can prove that!

Finally I want to share a little bit of my philosophies and ideas about leadership, time, people, and money – my hope is that what I share here can be helpful in navigating all of work and life’s many challenges as marketers.