Slogans are short phrases that explain the main purpose of your product, service or brand.

New research shows that by clarifying your bands slogan, keeping it simple – and consistent, that it can significantly impact revenue.

This makes total sense, if you had no idea what Walmart was, you might think, as Paris Hilton famous stated “What do they sell there walls?” As it turns out though, thanks mostly to the millions of dollars they spend on advertising each month; almost everyone on the planet knows Walmart does not sell walls. What they do sell is just about everything else at a very low price. Their slogan is:


A new study from the Journal of Consumer Research revealed a fascinating aspect to consumer behavior with regards to slogans, especially the ones that reinforced the image of the brand.

“The experiment divided subjects into two groups. Half were exposed to brand names associated with saving money, like Walmart, Dollar General, Sears, Ross, etc. The other half were exposed to the slogans for those retailers, like Sears’ current motto, “The Good Life at a Great Price. Guaranteed.” When asked to visualize a shopping trip and describe how much money would be spent, the brand-exposed group spent an average of $94 vs. the slogan group, who spent just about twice as much: $184.”


The study found that exposing consumers to a “savings” message caused them to spend more than when they saw a message that reinforced a good lifestyle along with brand itself. So as a consumer I spend more at places promising me more in savings, who knew? I guess you don’t really save much, when you spend double. The study concluded that:

“Companies may be trying to attract customers with slogans associated with saving money, but in fact, this strategy may make consumers spend more money than they would if they had not been exposed to the slogans.”

I like this study for a few reasons:

1. It’s easy to understand.
2. It shows that simple is way better than a complicated slogan such as these:

“Dieting doesn’t work, Weight Watchers does.”
Wait a minute, isn’t a diet a way to lose weight by eating different than usual? Since when is Weight Watchers not a diet? I’m confused.

“It’s waaaay better than fast food, it’s Wendys.”
Wendy’s isn’t fast food, and Madonna is a great actress.

“Our Passion is food. Our secret is people”
Created by Moxie’s Classic Grill, sounds like something Hannibal Lecter might dream up.

3. They measured. Simple idea to test and BAM! doubled profits. we’ll all take that!