Can You Trust Your Gut?

So if you are like the typical small business, most likely you are looking for some easy ways to track the success of your advertising?

One of my favorite ways, and easiest as well, is to track conversion rates.

Conversion Rate:

This is the percentage of people, customers, and clients who do something you want them to do.

So for instance if you run an ad in the newspaper, how many new orders/customers did you gain? And how much better/worse did you perform based on the previous month/year during this same period?

Advertisement ran for 1-week.
Generated an additional 100 calls.
Closed 33 deals.

Conversion rate = 33%

It really is that simple. Yes you really should keep track of this kind of data, once it is included with some other metrics you will be armed and ready to dominate that market.

I will say it again:

Barely half of all businesses measure their marketing efforts in any way.


Marketers who understand and use these tools will outperform those operating in the dark.

Winning is the name of the game, and you will win faster by measuring even at a basic level.