In addition to advertising heavily when the economy is soft, what else does one need to do?

Well outside of admitting that you could use a kick you in the pants every now and then, here are 5 things to think about:

Stop Whining
Never take your eye off the ball (your customers). Value them, and make sure they know it. Right now, someone in your field is having an awesome year. Why is it not you?

Get Back to Work
A bad market is a great excuse to be lazy. Don’t get caught in the ‘nobody’s buying mentality’. Focus on the core values of your company and share these frequently with customers, and prospects, through your advertising messages.

Sharpen The Axe
The toughest times always have carried with them the greatest opportunities. It can be difficult to see opportunities while you’re being bombarded with so much negativity everywhere. Never fail to negotiate for a better price from where you are buying media space. Use the phrase, “That’s not good enough.” This has worked for me so often that I never ever accept the first proposal. I barely even look at it.

Be Innovative
Deep discounts are not the answer they can’t be counted on when times are tough to shoulder the whole load. Your advertising messages should be crafted in a more creative manner. Remember, it is the bad and mediocre who quit in tough times. That leaves only the good and the best to compete for space in a shrinking market.

Don’t Give Up
One of the first things to happen in a tough market is that the bad and mediocre players just give up. Don’t let your business relationships wonder if you are next. Work on building better relationships with your customers. Learn their birthdays, kids names and even favorite teams, etc. – I personally like doing business with my friends, they probably do as well.