If you’re like me, then one of the constant challenges you face everyday is knowing how to show the value of your marketing efforts. And this is not any easy task because many CEO’s see marketing as a financial black hole.

While the CEO and the CFO debate and discuss the productivity of the company or the return on investment of certain initiatives, the marketing department rarely gets held to such high standards. This may seem like a blessing in disguise, but the reality is, until marketers can show value and measurement of their efforts they will not be allowed to sit at the big boy table in the boardroom.

Over 80% of companies surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with their ability to measure impact and marketing performance, 80%!

Certainly marketing has always been known as “the unexplainable art”. I maintain that marketers need to be asked to justify and account for performance. Companies who have been able to develop these metrics show superior financial returns and have higher CEO confidence in their marketing divisions. Higher confidence in turn will bring more money, and that’s something any marketing department could use more of these days.

We must consistently develop and demonstrate success in measuring our marketing efforts. Continuously measuring marketing performance will help satisfy the management need of CEO’s and Accountants, while enabling marketers to demonstrate the contribution of the marketing to the business.  Ok if that seems a bit wordy, how about this, marketing teams need to show they are winning or they will eventually discover that the business is going to lose.